A little learning can be a dangerous thing…

As I wouldn’t want to keep too much information away from my readership about myself, I hereby confess I was partially raised by my grandmother who was a proud member of a Finnish voluntary auxiliary paramilitary organisation for women: Lotta Svärd. The biggest such organization in the whole world at that time before and during WW2 it seems. Naturally, it was also associated with the White Guards of Finland as opposed to those evil jew-tools known as Red Guards whose descendants now seem to rule the intellectual climate of Finland.

Needless to say, that almost guarantees my grandmother was free from serious contamination of Jewish blood as they only allowed two Jewesses ever to join their ranks. Not that anyone should have any reason to suspect otherwise.
Lottas with a German officer
It also meant that I was exposed to a parent figure who had a stronger moral character than my own parents who had been softened by the easier times that Finland experienced after the war. Sadly they had also been more thoroughly indoctrinated by the Jewtube and failed to set me up on the right path. Yet, not everything I learned from my grandmother guided me in the right direction either. I for example learned to be thankful for the Americans who after the war had maybe saved her from starving by providing some food aid to Finland in those troubling times. She always sounded so thankful as well when she told me about it even though the food she had received sounded so unhealthy I thought I would have died just by eating it.

Anyway, I wonder how thankful she would have been if she had known that it was actually those same Americans who actually built up the whole Soviet menace in the first place by funding the Bolshevik Revolution and then provided Soviets with support that kept the Soviet Union from collapsing as Professor Antony Sutton later pretty thoroughly proved. Without that aid the Soviet Union could well have collapsed long before the second world war or at least posed much less of a threat to the Finnish army. And if that had happened much of those up to 66 million mostly Christian victims of the Soviet Union would have been saved as well (note: I hear the 66 million figure comes out of the Soviet archives according to the research done by Solzhenitzyn and somehow I suspect the Rothschilds had set a specific goal of 66.6 million dead gentiles for the politburo to please their own master; after the mission was accomplished they allowed the USSR to collapse.). Though of course it was mostly the Jewish power elites who were responsible for this massive outbreak of evil one can’t really exonerate the average American from all the blame as their ignorance allowed it to happen. Thus I don’t nowadays think I have that much reason to be thankful for the Americans any more. Yes, they have still managed to create more wealth than most others but honestly if that wealth has come at the price of the prospect of global dictatorship I’d rather have none of it.

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