The dilemma with two names

Now, as we all know, a true patriot faces a dilemma when he has to choose the correct image for his target practice sessions. He knows the right target should probably have a name which starts with the big R but he still has to decide whether to opt for the R from ‘Rockefeller‘ or the R from ‘Rothschild‘. Although it is debatable whether he can go wrong with either one of them there’s still the question who are the people on the top of the hierarchy (getting their inspiration straight from the Devil at least if the more religiously oriented conspiracy theorists are correct).

So far I myself have opted for the Rothschilds but I see after skimming Gary Allen’s The Rockefeller File that some people do think it is really the Rockefellers who are in control. Well, obviously they are major players, that seems to be pretty much undeniable, and there’s of course at least the testimony from Aaron Russo that the young Rockefeller had damning prior-knowledge of 9/11 and the grand scheme for global enslavement. Still, when I myself look at a picture of the old man ‘Wreckafella’, David,

David Rockefeller in 2004

David Rockefeller in 2004

what I see is merely a figure that reminds me of an evil goblin. I admit it definitely looks like he harbors only contempt for the lesser human beings and probably did not object when the decisions were made to add(/or continue to add) rat poison (uh, fluoride) to the water supplies and other necessities but honestly he does not really look like he could be the man who is wielding the sceptre.

Anyway, if I find more solid pieces of evidence of their subordinate status I’ll surely report them here.

Also, better not forget that Aaron Russo as well as the Rockefellers share some similar heritage which gives at least some credence to the claim that a Rockefeller trusted Russo enough to tell him some of their secrets. And as he was dying at the time of the interview he just may have been honest.

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