Wanna give more foreign aid to these people?

Being where I am, Africa seems a lot closer than it seemed before. Recently, when I read about Ethiopia’s goverment helping beat those islamists in Somalia, my first thougth was that oh yeah, at least there are some decent people in Africa who do wanna fight the good fight against those evil islamists. However,Âit seems I couldn’t have been any more wrong as this TCSDaily article explains (the linked material is worth reading too). The Ethiopian goverment seems all too involved in genocide and other atrocities to deserve much good will from people like me. But of course, thanks to our western goverments (and quite popular support), people like me who are paying taxes are fueling the fire with foreign aid.ÂIÂguessÂIÂshouldÂbeÂgladÂifÂmyÂtaxesÂareÂhelpingÂmake thoseÂdebtÂreliefsÂpossibleÂand things whichÂhelpÂEthiopia’sÂgovermentÂcommitÂgenocide more efficiently. But let’s face it: I’m not, forcing me to give money to people like that is totally outrageous.

Though of course, it can be hard to believe things like that are really happening,ÂbutÂthenÂagain, if Africans would not commit such atrocities (and other wicked things like raping babies since that supposedly helps AIDS patients) on a quite regular basis, would the continent remain such a hellhole? There definitely must be an explanation for their poor development, and atrocities, such as those which might have been committed by Ethiopia’s goverment, seem to be lot more probable when you take their lack of development into consideration than other possibilities like exploitation by whites (to me at least based on my knowledge and my theory of genetic virtue).

Anyway, it seems to be pure madness to give countries like Ethiopia any foreign aid unless they stop doing what they seem to be doing now.

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