An arrogant deception

As the threat of pan-European laws against Holocaust denial looms over us, I can’t let this moment pass without pointing out the utter arrogance of some of these Jews behind the continuation of the Holohoax scam. As most people know, Jews do numerous Holocaust related movies every year, and of course almost ceaselessly promote them in the media they control, but even though they do it to propagate the hoax (and also of of course to earn a few shekels from the self-defeating fools) sometimes they just can’t help being maybe a teeny little bit too arrogant. Such is the case with The Counterfeiters whose story revolves around a Jewish master forger who the ‘evil’ Nazis force to work for the benefit of the Third Reich rather than for the benefit of the international Jewry or himself. I shouldn’t really have to point out the arrogance in promoting a Jewish ‘hoax master’ in a Holohoax movie. I would think that some Jews might find it a little worrisome that some goyim might make a connection of Jewish tendency to spare no efforts in fooling others and all those little things that don’t quite add up in the quite overwhelming Holocaust mythology.

On a related note, I might point out some circumstancial evidence from Robert Faurisson that the Jews had their man infiltrate and later sabotage revisionist efforts in the form of Mark Weber. More can be found easily from other sources.

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