All aboard! The ship is getting ready to sink!

Like a good rat, I left a sinking ship long before it was going under water: I left Finland almost three years ago. Back then it was still good times for many people though I had already noted the writing on the wall which told me that a free thinking white man was not a friend of the establishment and was going to be discriminated against with help from the obedient sheeple.

Now things are changing fast and the good times may well be but a memory after few years since it seems the political elites have totally caved in under pressure from the forces behind the EU who now want to quickly turn Finland from a country that has relatively few turd worlders into a country that has at least as many blacks and muslims, if not soon more, than the average Western European country (they want at least 20k refugees/immigrants each year from the very worst parts of the world in a country of only 5M people not counting family reunifications and other such schemes). All this at the time of the greatest economic collapse in many decades that will quite likely turn even worse (even a mainstream Finnish think tank has seriously brought forth the possibility of the chaos leading to WWIII ) and while the state is going heavily into debt. And to make sure the people who pay the bills don’t think they have any choice in the matter they have been persecuting people who loudly try to rally the public opinion against this madness. So far they have been prosecuting quite a few dissidents and now they are going after even high profile people with doctorates like Jussi Halla-Aho who is a very talented and logical writer, also a possible MEP candidate and unlike almost all other academics in Finland openly critical of multiculturalism (he doesn’t recognise the Jewish threat however which is his major flaw).

There’s a storm coming and it will bring darkness. Though now I understand it will not just engulf Finland but the whole world. And the lightning may well strike you too no matter how hard you try to push your head in the sand or serve the Jews in hope they will make an exception to their law and not enslave or exterminate you when they have the opportunity to get away with it.

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