Another setback

I regret that I have to inform my readers that the international Jewry has scored another point against us as they didn’t stop when they managed to jail the Heretical Two from Britain after they sought solace across the pond: They have now also jailed Henrik Holappa from Finland. He was seeking political asylum in the US just like the British Duo and he personally informed me about Mika Illman who is a traitorous Jewish state prosecutor in Finland.

It seems the Obama administration is using ingenious tactics to appear it is doing something about foreigners flooding the US in these economically troubled times. But of course they aren’t going after Mexicans or Africans when there are whiteys like Holappa to be persecuted. And no doubt the American law enforcement wouldn’t have cared that much about that particular case if the international Jewry wouldn’t be calling the shots.

More details can be found at HH’s blog which now contains several posts from John de Nugent who was hosting Holappa in the US and who witnessed his arrest.

Update(June 10, 2009): Some better news for a change as Holappa was deported back to Finland and is free for now. However, the H2 who will also be deported back to Europe are still facing prison time.

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