Stop taking the poison

There’s no reason to be a sucker any longer if you have already realized that the establishment is lying about so many things like 9/11, the Holocaust and the moon landings. So many supposedly erudite people, on either government or (indirect) JCN payroll, lie about what has been going on that you have to be more suspicious about everything they tell you. You can’t for example just take their word and all those studies (which of course received their funding from mostly Jewish sources like the Rockefeller Foundation) when they tell you that fluoride, which in its pure form (fluorine) is one of the most dangerous elements known to man and is used in insecticides and rat poisons, is the thing that the common man is supposed to stuff in his mouth as almost the first thing he does in the morning. I know, I did that for many years sometimes four times a day. I admit I did not get many cavities myself but I was not feeling too well either. I often felt tired though there didn’t seem to be any obvious reason for feeling like this as I often slept enough. Then I read that one of the symptoms of fluoride poisoning is lassitude. At first I didn’t quite get it as I had to reach for my dictionary to see that the word ‘lassitude’ is a synonym of the word ‘fatigue’. But then I realized it was time to trust the empirical method that I can easily verify for myself rather than reading more about the matter from scientific publishments which the secret powers can corrupt if they like to keep their sheeple more easily controllable. I simply decided to if not totally stop using toothpaste that contains fluoride then at least reduce the amount I use to a tiny barely visible bit. And surprise: soon I felt a little less tired.

Now I know the reason for my better condition could be related to the placebo effect but I’d say you’d better start reducing your fluoride consumption for a while to see for yourself if you haven’t done that already. And for more details about how fluoride became so popular I can recommend for example Christopher Bryson’s book The Fluoride Deception. So far I have read it only partially, but it seems to provide a nice description of how the public has been deceived.

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