Non-Jews’ rights watch in the horizon?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes down at the blog Jewish Racism may have a grandparent with some seriously bad blood but I have to say he has good ideas at times, he knows plenty about the Jews and I often like the tone of his voice:

We desperately need a human rights organization which will respond to Jewish aggression. The Jews are committing genocide, imprisoning people for daring to think, destroying the World economy, agitating for wars and revolutions, subverting governments and religions, engaging in the slave trade, illegally trading in weapons and drugs, etc. Yet there is today not a single body which responds to this organized Jewish attack on the human race.

Why are courageous individuals rotting in European prisons without any support from a human rights organization? Why does no human rights organization criticize Judaism and Jewish supremacism? It is because we have thus far been too stupid, too lazy and too complacent to stand up for our rights and confront the genocidal Jews with an organized counter-attack.

Yeah, and why are the Heretical Two rotting in a prison in California? Obviously the problem of jailing the most courageous among us is not limited to Europe though I think I could more easily end up in jail in Germany nowadays than in the US. And yeah, we have been duped and most of us continue to be duped.

Anyway, it would be nice to get an organization like that rolling but it seems it won’t be easy to get funding for that kind of thing as most people with money are either Jews or have been playing ball with the Jewish criminals and would quite likely do pretty much anything to destroy it.

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