I’m back

Yeah, some people may have thought I have already vanished from the face ofÂthe earth but don’t you worry, I’ve only vanished from Europe (it was about time to leave EU).ÂAnyway, I’m in Turkey now and I’ll actually stay here this winter. Hopefully, I will have time to observe Muslims at their natural habitat and report some of my findings here instead of spending too much time with my computer. Is the Muslim threat for real in Turkey? That’s something I’m planning to find out.

So far, so good, as I actually have a view over a mosque here right through my bedroom window.ÂYeah,ÂIÂhaveÂtoÂcongratulateÂmyselfÂonÂaÂgoodÂchoice ofÂlocationÂalright.ÂIfÂonly those prayerÂcallsÂwouldn’tÂwakeÂmeÂupÂeachÂmorningÂatÂaboutÂ6AM.

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