A thorn under development

As I’ve become somewhat dedicated to the task of sticking thorns to the side of the Jewish Crime Network and programming my own little NWO/JCN Visualizer to help researchers make more sense of the tangled web the conspirators have woven over the centuries, I have so far for starters been studying various alternatives to how graphs can be automatically visualized. I don’t yet know that much about the details, but it seems SkyRails looks about right: A 3d visualization of a graph using SkyRails

I can almost see the graph representation of the Rothschild Empire unfolding already in cool 3d graphics using a similar program with additional details of the nodes ready to be displayed in a nearby window by a mere clicking of the mouse. Still, I doubt I can use that particular closed-source program to do just what I want to do, so I may have to use all my brain power to recreating a similar tool unless I find just as pretty open source project that satisfies my needs. Anyway, at least I have a pretty good idea what the final product should look like already.

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