A glimpse of what’s going on behind the facade of Jewish victimhood

Several bloggers have already had a field day repeating some of the things a Jewess (or maybe she has already renounced her race?) Karin Friedemann has revealed but I think her words can use all the publicity they can get:

American Jews are actually being trained since childhood to interact with non-Jews in a deceitful and arrogant manner, in coordination with each other, to emotionally destroy Gentiles and Israel critics, in addition to wrecking their careers and interfering with their social relationships. This is actually deliberate, wicked, planned behavior motivated by a narcissistic self-righteous fury.

I’ve suspected as much before but it’s nice to hear it from a Jew with something resembling a conscience. Friedemann goes further:

Jewish organizations and synagogues teach classes in linguistic martial arts tactics (how to confuse your opponent etc.) to deflect blame from Jews and Israel. It’s extremely dishonest and manipulative.

It took me many years of observing Jewish behavior to realize there has to be something to it that is not commonly known among us goys but now I can say that kind of things ring true to my observations. Though I do suspect there’s of course even more to Jewish behavior than that. I haven’t read anything crystal clear but I think Rabbi S. Wise may have revealed part of secret Jewish reality when he said: “Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism”. I for once have begun to suspect that the social organization of Jewry includes committees of rabbis centrally planning what the lesser Jews should be doing with their lives to much greater extent than is publicly known. I wonder if that’s all or if there are even more similarities…

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