Post-upgrade: a new beginning

Lots of things have been happening lately, but since I had to take an unplanned break from blogging due to ThinkerToThinker’s software update and various other distractions, I haven’t been able to write about them. I’ll just mention some recent stuff that has caught my attention like having Sarko, the Jew, unashamedly telling his French subjects to destroy themselves following the plan another Jew, Karl Marx, had outlined so many years ago, and the somewhat interesting public incidence which ‘accidentally’ brought Bishop Williamson’s views to the spotlight though only very superficially in the controlled media. As my previous writings should make clear, I’m with Williamson (and Incogman) as I’d like to see some more convincing evidence to back up the claim that Nazis gassed any Jews, let alone millions of them, to death than what has been brought to public attention so far (since the often ludicrous and occasionally contradictory eye-witness testimonies, many of which have been proven to be false a long time ago, and confessions obtained after long and sadistic torture sessions aren’t that credible in my opinion) before I started believing in it as I once used to do before learning more about the matter and how the establishment has distorted the version of history which has been promoted to the public. We’ll see if Williamson comes up with anything new after he reviews the evidence again due to public pressure.

I have also read a little more about Common Purpose. Just maybe I can learn a lot about how these conspirators operate by studying how that particular the organization has conducted its business. Still, it takes time and time is growing so very short it could easily be too late to act if and when I eventually uncover their most compromising secrets and other organizational weaknesses.

Thus I had an idea which just might speed up my own and others’ educational progress. As of today I will start working on a program which I hope will facilitate the study of the NWO scheme (or the global Jewish Crime Network if you prefer that name) and its many tentacles which are exercising influence all around us starting from supposedly respectable government agencies and ‘humanitarian’ think tanks and including much of organized crime and the Kosher Mafia in particular. My basic idea is to create an easy to use custom network visualizer based on a data structure which also allows for automatic reasoning, activation spreading to find most relevant associations, and some serious data mining if and when it becomes fully operational which should prove itself useful when the network that it covers grows big enough. I have seen somewhat similar tools but obviously the plan is to create something that goes beyond what is available in its suitability for this particular domain today. It should definitely allow the user to select what kind of relations are shown, for example only organizational and having reliable sources, in order to study particular types of subnetworks. Still, it would most likely require tedious manual data input so I eventually hope to outsource such work to public who could help me add data to it about just what part various people and organizations are playing in the grand scheme of things and how they are related to each other. My initial idea is to create a standalone java program that showns in one window a superficial view of the network with little details and in another window the details about the currently selected node (maybe in a browser window) though I’m open to the idea of making the user interface using dynamic web programming and thus being more easily accessible to new users.

Anyway, if things go well, it will only be the first tool I will create in order to help the good people in this information war that is waged online. The Internet remains the thing that gives people like me hope and a chance to uncover what’s going on behind the scenes but obviously it is also utilized by the enemy. It would be nice to know just what kind of data mining techniques and information sources the criminals are using to keep track of people like me. It definitely seems like a good bet they have access to data that for example Google gathers on web users and are possibly already using such data to find people of interest and perhaps prevent such people from getting jobs or promotions if they happen to work in critical organizations. But so far I’m in the dark about this reality. Keeping this in mind, it seems like we could also definitely use better tools that would help us keep our privacy online but I for one don’t have any good ideas how to do that at the moment. I hope others may have them and will make them available (or wait a minute, for those who can’t wait, it seems the Tor project may be the best choice for now).

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2 thoughts on “Post-upgrade: a new beginning

  1. Know the Deal

    Use TOR if you’re writing a blog that’s critical of the ethnic crime syndicate that’s in control. I have no doubt that at least Google will forward any and all info it’s able to collect on anyone to the ADL etc. I’m sure the world’s ultimate hypocrites have enough pull to be able to get people’s IP’s from at least some service providers if not all.

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