Criminals and punishment

Some people are soft on criminals. They are in majority in countries like mine at least where it matters. They think we shouldn’tÂbe too hard on criminals; instead of punishing them taxpayers should pay for their rehabilitation (of course criminals shouldn’t be responsible for their own rehab themselves! right). They actually seem to think it’s fair if a man who has killed another man walks free after just a few years in jail and pays just a little if anything for his crimes in money. I acknowledge that some of themÂdo have quite rational sounding arguments for their position but still they don’t really understandÂ(orÂcare) what happens if we continue like this since currently criminals are (according to my knowledge) breeding more rapidly than other more decent people. If we don’t punish criminals enough, they gain an evolutionary advantage and outbreed people who have to pay for their crimes more than the criminals themselves do. I’d say, as long as they are outbreeding other people, we aren’t punishing them enough (also it should be illegal to have children if you haven’t got reasonable means to raise them). Let me repeat my main point in other words: if criminals don’t receive as hard punishments as are the crimes they have committed, theirÂgenes are winning in the long term, and societies become more criminally inclined and chaos and mayhem results. It’s really that simple and some people’s ignorance of geneticalÂinfluences doesn’t make reality any different.

We should punish criminals harder to save our civilization.

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