Awakening into the new year

While the Zionazi Sons of Satan have been reveling in the destruction of Gaza to satisfy their psychopathic desires, I have been spending a little time following public discussions on a few mainstream news sites in Finland and elsewhere. So far, I can’t say this has aroused that much hope in the ability of the sheeple to see through propaganda as the majority of people still seem to be Israeli sympathizers no matter how outrageous massacres the Jews commit. Still, there are at least a few sane voices out there and just maybe they have been growing a little louder over time. So perhaps there’s hope.

I have also been following what I think appears to be a suckers’ rally. The money masters are maybe just performing their final milking round before instigating another step of the collapse. And of course the Jewsmedia seems to be encouraging the masses to take the wrong path. It’s almost unbelievable how they can continue to do it time after time again without facing any real repercussions.

Last fall, just before the crash, to give one example, the honest folks in Finland’s financial media were telling that then was the time to invest in the US. And now they are telling people to take more debt and that the markets may well be about to rally sustainably. But when I look to what I think are more reliable sources, I see that the hyped big Credit Crunch hasn’t actually happened yet to any particularly significant degree as Robert Higgs notes at LRC. Look at the picture that tells a story of just a short pause in the growth of total debt:

Bank credit

But I wouldn’t count on the event that the real thing ain’t gonna happen sometime soon. Along with the dollar collapse and other earth-shaking events that will ruin the people who listen to mainstream pundits.

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