The two Beasts identified

Yes, I’m much better already. Though for a few days I was not so sure about whether I was going to make it as I sensed this strange tension in my head that felt like the microbes were already knocking on the walls of my blood-brain barrier just itching for the opportunity to feast on my precious little neurons after first eating through my guts. But thankfully, it seems the medication and my blood-brain barrier triumphed in the end and the microbes got what they deserved.

Strange things can go through your mind when you are close to dying. I even took the time to read the Book of Revelation. And I would say I now understand a little better why many Christians think we are living through what’s written in them. I can see how the first Beast of the end times, Leviathan, that is described as rising from the sea is perhaps none other than the US with its allies. Obviously, that Beast arose from the uncharted sea so to speak. And yes, I now understand that the first Beast has deceived the whole world and performed ‘miracles’ such as ‘going to the moon’ (and after seeing the documentary A funny thing happened on the way to the Moon I see how the Americans could have faked the moon landings as well… theirs truly is the Empire of Lies).

The Revelation also has a part that seems to describe the ongoing economic collapse as “the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more”. It definitely looks like the near future might be like that if the American consumers will not be able to get more credit.

Almost as obviously, the second Beast that forms on the land, Behemoth, or Red Dragon, seems to be a reference to the monstrous Rothschild creation which includes at least the Soviet Union, Red China, and perhaps the EU as well.

Is it possible that the secret powers are just having fun with the believers when they plan their moves? Perhaps, but I’m not totally sure that’s the best explanation.

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