Life goes on… for now

I remember a time I repeated what I think were Leon Kass’s words regarding the ultimate goal of the founders of modern science. I repeated that the men like Francis Bacon sought through their work the possibility of mastering the nature for the relief of the human condition; decay and death included. And how only recently science has shown some real progress about meeting those goals and bringing us face to face with the prospect of extended lifespans and substantially prolonged youth. I was awed by those words. I was awed by their audacity in contrast to the more often heard humble ramblings about the goal of scientists being just understanding the nature or some such nonsense.

I didn’t feel humble, I myself wanted if possible to devour the very tree of knowledge, one branch at a time, in order to find my way to the tree of life. The tree that would make me immortal.

I have been savoring those same emotions that went through my head during that time while my mind has been soothed by Clint Mansell’s score to the movie The Fountain. My mind has been refilled with the sense of wonder and a sense of transcendental purpose. There could be so much more to life if only we could first get rid of the cancer that holds us back today. All this while I’ve been bleeding slowly and facing the reality of my fragile existence.

I shall not forget my higher goals if I’m able to make a lasting recovery.

Note: Leon Kass seems to be one somewhat interesting member of Jewry who definitely doesn’t seem to want people like me living too long even though he has probably given the subject more thought than most. I wonder if he would make an exception for his own people?

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