Another step of the collapse

I think I may be in a process of staging a slow recovery even though I still feel like I’ve been going through Mossad’s latest bioweapons test which I conjecture must not have been as fatal to Israeli surprise as their preliminary studies on Palestinian test subjects had lead them to believe (those poor Palestinians were probably in bad condition due to Israeli torture even before the trial).

Anyway, it seems the Wall Street Jews have been at it again as the apparent $50 billion fraud perpetrated by Bernard Madoff is big even by Jewish standards. No surprise the Americans haven’t still figured out in massive numbers that 9/11 was a Zionist job if they fall for that kind of shit. Hell, they are no smarter than Columbians! Still, it will be interesting to see if news like this awaken the sheep even a little. If not the US economy will surely collapse sooner rather than later. And the mere fact that is seems likely that such a big Jewish name may be brought to justice (if a few years in prison for a gigantic fraud can be called justice!) may indicate that some serious resistance inside the American system has been able to develop. Though I’d have to learn a lot more about the case to see if there’s more to it than meets the public’s eyes (there probably is of course!).

Update: Indeed, Muhammad Rafeeq makes a decent case that the actual fraud may have a very different character than the mainstream media is trying to tell us. Madoff may not have actually been running a ponzi scheme after all, he just lost way too many billions of Jewish money doing perhaps legitimate investing and his confession enables recovering some of those losses to Jewish sources at the taxpayer expense through litigation. And the aging Madoff is prepared to take the fall for the greater good of the Jewry.

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