Facing oblivion, seeing reality

I can’t honestly say that this December has been good for me at least so far as I’ve been under a vicious attack by some nasty Mediterranean microbes which reportedly kill thousands of people each year. Still, I remain reasonably convinced that it will take the coordinated efforts of at least ten Mossad operatives to take me down so I’m nevertheless hopeful I will overcome them. Though if I stop writing suddenly sometime soon the best bet is that I was wrong.

Anyway, I’ve been so miserable I have not had energy to do anything much more intellectually demanding than listening to the Alex Jones show. But luckily there was at least something that might be of value in it as Jones reported that the US government had spent some $100 million beginning in the sixties to deliver fundamentalist text books to the middle east to radicalize the Arab population. Now a year ago, I would have thought Americans were just totally nuts to do something like that, but after reading about the Illuminati plan for the third world war that is to be fomented between Islamists and political Zionists (revealed more than a hundred years ago and before even the first world war) I understand they may actually have followed a pretty well thought out plan all along (though most likely the people who did the job had just no idea about the real goal). It just takes a lot of effort to prepare the stage for the armageddon but at least the people in power are dedicated to make it happen.

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