Digging up the roots of our problems

Simon Montefiore, a Jewish historian (which of course means one has to be extra careful when reading his material for deliberate deceptions in general), adds yet another small detail to the Rothschild connection to the Soviet Union in his Diary at The Spectator. The great ‘son of a Jew’ was dealing with the Rothschild empire very early on:

In December 1901 Stalin,aged 23, arrived in the Black Sea oil port Batumi, which was dominated by the Rothschild and Nobel dynasties. One day Stalin came home late boasting, ‘Guess why I got up so early this morning? Today I got a job with the Rothschilds!’ Then he almost crooned, ‘I’m working for the Rothschilds! I’m working for the Rothschilds!’

The Rothschilds were hugely powerful in Baku, yet the Tsar’s secret police and Bolshevik memoirists recorded how the Rothschilds contributed to Stalin’s funds, even paying him off to stop a strike.

I recently recounted this to Jacob Rothschild, sending him a postcard of young Stalin on which I wrote, ‘Your Employee of the Month 1902!’

I guess that’s exactly the type of a person who was going to climb up the Soviet hierarchy! He was a made man of the Rothschilds! Yet another indication that the Jews never really lost their control of the Soviet Union and even after its fall they managed to take control of its major assets (now controlled by mostly Jewish oligarchs of course).

Anyway, another recent realization of mine is that the great writer on the white underclass, Anthony Daniels (aka Theodore Dalrymple) is also most likely a Jew, as his recent piece on the City Journal reveals:

When my mother arrived in England as a refugee from Nazi Germany, shortly before the outbreak of World War II…

Now, I have to say I often agree with Daniels about the things he writes about. But when I consider his writings in the greater context now knowing that he is a Jew, who has been writing about how undeserving the members of “white trash” are and how he feels lot more comfortable with international intellectuals than average Britons, I do see some cause for concern that he is actually surreptiously promoting the agenda of the international Jews. At least I don’t recall having Mr. Daniels ever write about how it is actually the Jews who have been the driving force in the creation of this very large underclass he is now writing about. You know, who else but the Jews brought socialism to Britain which has allowed the genetically inferior people to multiply at the expense of the more deserving stock? Who else but the Jews opened the floodgates to third world immigrants who have been multiplying in Britain at the expense of the more responsible natives and taking the jobs because of affirmative action leaving the less able white people disillusioned? And now, this Jew, Anthony Daniels, is basically making his case that the white trash should be left to die (if they won’t pull themselves up without help). I think I see something a bit infernal in the big picture.

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