Screwed in Mumbai

Yeah, it looks like some terrorists have gotten serious in Mumbai. So far I’ve read some quite ridiculous commentary on how outrageous it is that apparently Chabad Lubavitch members, who are after all some of the most extremist Jews out there, have been specifically targeted along with British and American tourists. I still don’t know for a fact if any Jews have actually been murdered, but obviously if they have been, I’ll take the possibility that those terrorists are real Islamists rather than some useful idiots groomed for the job by some crypto-Jewish agitators much more seriously. In any case, knowing that the Jews have fooled Americans and others into murdering more or less directly millions of Muslims in Iraq and Afganistan and elsewhere in these past years, I can’t really have that much sympathy for people who only express outrage against these terrorist acts and not those other things which have been far more extensive in scale and occasionally also far more heinous.

Though I can’t say I’m anywhere near sure about how involved the Lubavitchers have been in the Grand Conspiracy for global enslavement and extermination, I have seen at least some indication they may be heavily involved in it and thus might have actually gotten pretty much exactly what they deserved in Mumbai if a few of them died there.

Still, violence like this could easily be turned into a propaganda weapon that brings the third world war to us even sooner than I have predicted unless perhaps others will manage to strike decisive blows against the Jews and their puppets. Maybe Mumbai was the first one of them… if not we are all screwed if the worst case scenario becomes reality that’s for sure.

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