A short profile of a traitor

Make no mistake about it folks, especially my Finnish readers, one of Finland’s state prosecutors is a traitor to the nation and its people. And his name is Mika Illman. Just recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation of Finland announced that in the organizations’s so called Big Brother competition, Illman came second, because of his persistent work for restricting the freedom of speech on the Internet without caring much about judicial technicalities or how such work actually fits into his job description.

Needless to say, he has already prosecuted several people who have not toed the line regarding the joys of multiculturalism. And make no mistake about it, he is most likely one of the designated men — a wolf in goy clothing. Of that I have now Henrik Holappa‘s testimony, who has told me that the police officer who questioned him because of the ‘witch hunt’ (presumably initiated by none other than Illman at the command of his Zionist superiors) mentioned that Illman has Jewish roots (which presumably was the reason he wanted to make an example of Mr. Holappa who has actually moved to the US to avoid further trouble). And it shouldn’t be that big a surprise for those who understand how deceptive the Jews are, that most Finnish people probably think Mr. Illman is actually a Finland’s Swede because his first language appears to be Swedish. Thus the Finnish people who are starting to learn to despise Illman, are fooled into directing their displeasure against the Finland’s Swedes instead of the Jews, while Illman is actually working to destroy both cultures by bringing forth the long-range goal of the Jewish supremacists, who more than a hundred years ago came to the conclusion, that one crucial step in ensuring their supremacy is the dissolution of all the other races into one mixed race now being accomplished by mass immigration into the Western world.

Illman is now just doing his small part in trying to ensure that individuals will not be allowed to come to inconvenient conclusions based on facts in public on the Internet like they haven’t been able to on controlled mass media for ages.

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