It’s not easy to be hated by the chosen stock

They can indeed make your life tough occasionally, as this report on the hardships faced by the organizers of the EURO 2008 Conference makes clear. In the greatest free country on the planet (yeah, right!), hotel owners can’t seem to stand the pressure to accommodate people like David Duke if the Jews and their sycophants make their displeasure known and use their media control to spread enough big fat lies. In short, the conference hotel totally caved in conveniently right before the event and unilaterally tried canceling it:

Yes, the hotel actually called all of those who were registered to attend the conference before they called the conference organizers themselves. Frantically trying to find out what went wrong, I began working with David Duke to get to the bottom of this.

In the end, the hotel management determined that the declaration of a “State of Emergency” gave them the authority to breach our contract. They even invited Duke to sue them, being smug in their opinion that no judge or jury would ever rule in favor of the politically incorrect.

Yet, our great white heroes did not fail us and managed to hold at least a somewhat smaller gathering in an alternative location and some of the speeches are available online right here.

I have to say Dr. Duke is a pretty decent speaker too and is often worth listening to also on Stormfront radio. Though I have read some speculation that even Duke might actually be under Jewish control (through some blackmailing scheme for example), I’m at least so far inclined to think that’s not really the case.

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