The more things ‘change’, the more they stay the same

Yeah, Obama has so far brought such drastic change to America as about the first significant thing he did was naming Jewish Rahm Israel Emanuel to one of the top jobs in his government. Now that’s change! The color of the President changed, that’s true, but at least the Jews ain’t going anywhere! A big surprise! And of course I have already seen the Jewsmedia promoting their own man as some kind of a superman.

Now all I’m waiting is that Obama will bring forth his brainwashed youth brigades and turn the US into an honest banana republic. Maybe four years from now they don’t even bother to stage this kind of bullshit for the masses and openly take their orders straight from the Knesset.

Goodies, WWIII is still on, and my crystal ball tells me the initial nukes will be fired on July 7, 2017. I just hope I’m smart enough to find myself a good distance away from the epicenter when the nuke exchange begins. At least a few hundred meters below the ground in a bunker playing Fallout. And also getting ready to get even with the demonic bloodsuckers.

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