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Hey, I just realized they have that thing called presidential elections in the US next week. Though I can’t say I particularly care whether Americans will unleash upon themselves a postmodern coup by electing Obama’s puppeteers into power (I hope my dear reader has seen videos of Obama giving a speech without a teleprompter… very funny), or if they choose McCain, who by his name may well be a direct descendant of a person who by biblical lore was the very founder of the Synagogue of Satan. But I do care to see if the following events will prove my nagging suspicion that the recent and at least superficially unreasonable rise of the USD, has actually been arranged by the money masters to shore up trust in the establishment to ensure that American voters won’t try looking for alternatives to the two party system they can easily control. If my suspicion is correct, the buck should start going down pretty soon after the elections. But then it’s too late for the voters to do anything to shake up the corrupted system.

And if Obama is elected, we’ll also see if this Biden’s intriguing warning of a nation-shaking event that is to be manufactured to test Obama will produce even more evidence for the existence of the massive conspiracy I have already come to believe in.

Obviously, neither candidate will do anything to put the shameless financial elites, at least those elites who happen to be part of the ‘chosen people’, and who just recently decided to keep their bonus levels at ordinary levels (meaning their executives and other preferred employees will still receive many billions in bonuses) after receiving countless billions in public money behind bars (I’d rather have the bulk of them executed but I guess that’s just me). Honestly, there’s no need to hire a cryptanalyst to decipher their intended message as it’s blatantly obvious their behavior means they think ordinary taxpayers are just their serfs who have no right to what they have earned unless they, our loving financial elites, decide otherwise.

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