Old Nick, prince of this world

They don’t make guys like William Guy Carr often enough these days. That much I can say after I’ve been reading also his book Satan, Prince of this World in which Commander Carr gives his best shot at revealing the grand plan of the conspirators along with some interesting theological observations. He makes his case that we are living in a world that is actually part of Hell where humanity is being tested. None other than Satan himself is the prince of our world. Though in Carr’s thinking Satan and Lucifer are actually two different beings contrary to more common doctrine (Lucifer is the big shot, the brightest of (former) angels and equal in powers to the Christian God known as Adonay, while Satan is his servant). He claims that even most of the conspirators aren’t initiated into this knowledge. I can’t help but to point out one transhumanist example of this being the case: Max More’s old text In Praise of the Devil. Did he just have to write a text praising the Lucifer when he joined the Illuminati? Who knows. Anyway, Carr also notes that the word democracy actually means the rule by demons as the masses are basically constantly deceived into voting the very worst lot into power.

For example:

As Voltaire stated so clearly in a letter he wrote to a fellow Illuminist, in order to lead the mob out of their present oppression into a new subjection, those who directed the conspiracy must order those they control to lie, “not timidly, or for a while only, but like the very devil, boldly and always..” Voltaire is also on record as having advised those Illuminists, with which he was associated, that they should use high sounding phrases when addressing the Goyim, and make them lavish promises. He added, “the opposite of what is said and promised can be done afterwards … that is of no consequence.”

That seems to be pretty much the modus operandi of the current political elites. They lie all the time. About pretty much everything. Like that Islam is the religion of peace, that all races are equal, that women are just as intelligent and capable as men, that the bailouts are absolutely necessary, that the Protocols are a forgery, that the Holohoax actually happened in the way described in the history books, that free market libertarians are responsible for the economic crisis and so forth almost add infinitum. And they do it boldly. And only the true suckers still believe anything that comes out of their mouths without some pretty solid evidence to prove they aren’t lying.

Nevertheless, I can’t say I’m totally convinced that there really is a supernatural element involved no matter how much I enjoy reading Carr’s religiously inspired writings. That’s still a bit too much for me for now. But I do have to say that the adjective ‘demonic‘ seems quite accurate in describing the modern elites.

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