Observing small progress

Now that I think about it, one reason for my late awakening to 9/11 truth was that for years I had been observing what I thought were knowledgeable and highly intelligent transhumanists (many of them Americans) who overwhelmingly didn’t seem to take those outrageous unofficial conspiracy theories seriously. And I thought that if those evidently quite reasonable and often more knowledgeable people than I don’t take them seriously, neither should I waste time studying the matter. This period lasted until last spring when I found compelling reason to do some research myself and that quickly changed everything.

Anyway, this one post at Overcoming Bias reveals that what has actually been going on is that at least one of those supposedly quite smart American transhumanists had actually been blatantly ignorant of the subject until this week. But after watching Loose Change and spending some time studying the evidence and finding surprisingly convincing stuff, he has actually come to think there is a small but still substantial (0.02 chance) that the official story is significantly wrong. Now, that is still quite far from my own estimate that the official story is seriously wrong with about 0.999 certainty and that elements (think Leo Strauss’s disciples and people like Zakheim and Chertoff) within the US government were highly involved in orchestrating the attacks (along with Israeli operatives and others like those working in the media), but I would still call that little progress.

And I now realize that I was somewhat foolish in expecting that transhumanists would also be a reliable source of information on such a matter. Yes, they tend to be significantly smarter than the average man, but in general they apparently are ignoring the big elephant in the room while being overly focused on other things that in the end may matter less than the elephant (it’s a biggie after all!).

Though I have to say that I have come to suspect that some of them are not actually ignoring the elephant but are actually deliberately trying to prevent others from noticing it (the Jewish transhumanists are quite naturally on top of my list of suspects). And some others may of course in secret be aware of the truth and work against the global crime gang but do not dare to do that openly using their real names knowing how much it could cost.

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2 thoughts on “Observing small progress

  1. kuromaku

    I’m not quite sure about that as I’ve grown paranoid enough to be somewhat suspicious that any given site could be actually run by people associated with the criminals no matter how attractive information it provides.

    Though I have found sites like http://erichufschmid.net/911.html valuable.

    Bollyn (http://www.bollyn.info/) also produced lots of good stuff over the years though there is a small question what’s really going on with him now.

    And sites like http://911blogger.com/ have lots of more or less decent links to other sites that provide decent research plus occasional news items.

    I don’t know if there’s a shortcut to doing your own legwork and mining the net for material backed by actual evidence.

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