Another convenient death

While the world leaders are reportedly busy planning another small step for the New World Order of course in order to save the global financial system (from the turmoil that has to be premeditated as the executives of major financial institutions can’t have been so stupid they didn’t see it coming a long time ago), the little thorn in their side, Jorg Haider, died in a car accident.

Haider had reportedly spoken against the banking mafia just two weeks before his death and through his success in the very recent election could probably have actually made a difference. So again, one has to wonder how accidental his death really was. Especially considering that even a former Mossad employee like Victor Ostrovsky has publicly revealed that the most popular method of assassination around the Western World is arranging a road accident (which seems to make sense considering the ‘naturalness’ of such accidents though knowing that Mossad apparently approved the publication of that detail is good enough reason to be a little suspicious that they may have another ace in their pocket these days). Whether they did it in this case by installing a remote control system to the government owned car that Haider was driving or some other means is anyone’s guess at this moment (though see for example this Stormfront thread for discussion on the subject).

William Cooper, Paul Wellstone,David Kelly, Bruce Ivins, Barry Jennings… and now Jorg Haider. The world gets darker with each addition to the list.

But hey, the good news of the day is that American’s haven’t quite yet deployed their new pain ray trucks to keep the crowds under control in Iraq for starters and probably a little later everywhere else too.

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