Long live USSRA!

News flash: the congress of the United Soviet State of America has approved the $700+ billion bailout. I guess the addition of stuff like a tax break to the film industry in Puerto Rico made it all goody goods in the eyes of the politburo.

On Monday I briefly considered the possibility that America’s political elite isn’t actually almost totally under the control of the Secret Powers, but after it became more and more clear they were going to make it pass anyway, as they now have apparently done, I’ve become more and more suspicious that the rejection on Monday was actually planned who knows how long ago in order to make it appear that there are actually decent congressmen in significant numbers. In short, I suspect it was planned to be part of their program to fool the citizens into thinking that they can still trust the system (though I’m not sure how many are still fooled). I guess after this week’s events the politicians who changed their minds can claim that after seeing what could well have been in reality an engineered market response they really had to pass the bill.

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