Observing the unthinking masses making headway towards the cliff

Though I’ve been quite preoccupied with learning about the ongoing financial turmoil and its probable consequences through sites like The Market Oracle, which does seem to promote at least some reasonably honest writers unlike many other sites (though also some vehement conspiracy deniers like Mike Shedlock), there’s indeed other interesting things going on around the world. One particularly interesting event is the recent anti-fascist flexing of muscles in Cologne where Antifa tried to prevent an anti-islamization conference from taking place using serious force (apparently the conference had to be held in a secret location instead of the publicized place as many would be participants were attacked).

BJ and GoV offer some reports of what was actually happening unlike many more mainstream sources which for some reason seem to exaggerate the popularity of the leftist anti-fascists (though so far I’m not quite sure which reports to believe) among other things like denouncing the Pro-Köln movement as extreme right-wingers while using quite different standards for their more violent opponents:

According to German news sources, the leftist counterdemonstrators had expected to mobilize a counterdemonstration with 40,000 to 60,000 activists but instead they ended with being backed up with 5,000 to 10,000 demonstrators coming from all over Europe. People from Cologne were generally not interested in taking part of the counterdemonstrations – despite free concerts with well-known bands and other cultural activities that were supposed to mobilize ordinary people out on the streets.

Contradicting that some other news sources report there were really tens of thousands of counterdemonstrators from Germany:

Tens of thousands of Germans against racist conference

Köln (NTB-AFP): Tens of thousands of Germans rallied Saturday in a giant demonstration against an anti-Islamic conference in Cologne where several European right wing extremists were to participate.

If that turns out to be a lie it seems the media in countries like Norway wants the masses to believe the masses are actually on the pro-Islamization side which might serve the establishment’s anti-white agenda.

A Jew using the name Aviel at GoV gives a personal report of the violence he encountered:

Friday morning the private meeting of delegates for the conference was to take place in a municipal building and from there they were to move to a Rhine pleasure boat for a news conference. On the way to the municipal building, my friend Michael Kucherov was attacked and beaten just outside the building as he attempted to enter. All of this in plain view of the police who could not be bothered to intervene until he had taken more than a few good shots to the head and body.

This really set the stage for the police behavior I would witness in my own assault and throughout the events over the weekend.

(later: )The Antifa began hurling stones at the delegates and the boat; smashing windows and this continued to the point where the boat was considered not seaworthy due to the damage. Once again, the police took their time before acting against this aggression.

So it seems the establishment was firmly on the Antifa side and hardly neutral. Fjordman also makes one important point in another post:

This weekend, we witnessed how violent thugs threatened, assaulted and in some cases beat up people they disagreed with, several of them Jews. These “anti-Fascist” blackshirts are closely related to the violent totalitarian movements of past generations, in their dress code, mentality and willingness to silence freedom of speech by brute force. In short, they resemble Fascists and Communists (some of them were Communists).

After reading a bit about the World Revolutionary Movement I’d dare suspect they resemble previous revolutionaries because they are actually doing the bidding of the very same forces that organized the Fascists and Commies in the past using basically the same methods that produce youth devoid of any morals after their brains have been turned to mush by anti-reason post-modern and fake egalitarian bullshit promoted through public education and media.

It will be interesting to see how things continue to develop.

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