I fear for your soul Prodos!

Note: Prodos is the man who owns thinkertothinker.com. That’s the good part about him. The bad part is that he reportedly joined a masonic lodge some time ago. Though I can’t be sure his particular lodge is secretly serving either the Illuminati or the Rothschilds that’s definitely a serious possibility. And if that’s the case they are after his soul as well!

The masons were largely behind the French Revolution though only as pawns of the Secret Powers. While reading Wikipedia’s take on the French Revolution I found this little pictorial proof of their influence (note the masonic pyramid on the top with the all seeying eye — also presumably preferred by the Illuminati) embedded in the image that contains the Declaration of Human Rights:

Declaration of Human RIghts

Contrast the angelic imagery with the recorded history of the Reign of Terror during the revolution and you may start to see the revolution was quite far from being the work of angels (though I do think at least some of the changes may have been for the good).

Another famous variation of that pyramid theme is of course on the US One Dollar Note:

One dollar bill (the other side of it)

It will be worth nothing soon by the way once the fake Jews are almost done with the Americans!

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