There’s something rotten in the state of UK

Actually, sometimes I wonder if it would be better to wonder if there is something that is not rotten in the UK rather than what is rotten. Anyway, I was at first somewhat glad to find that at least The Daily Mail is bringing forth some new evidence for the claim that the former weapons inspector David Kelly was actually murdered. Now their website reports his closest female friend has revealed just why Mr. Kelly could not have committed the suicide as reported years ago. However, then the article goes on in a way I think is somewhat fishy:

Ms Pederson claims that at the time of his death, Dr Kelly was looking forward to returning to Iraq. ‘Had he been alive, he finally would have been free to look for evidence of WMDs,’ she said. ‘If anyone could have found them, it would have been David.

‘I am not saying that the Iraqis killed him. But that is one possibility that should be investigated. All the facts suggest that David did not kill himself. It is against our Baha’i faith.

I find that part particularly fishy because at no point in the article is there any indication that the murderers were probably working for the government, as if the Iraqis would have been responsible, of course the government wouldn’t have had much reason to prevent a thorough investigation from happening as they apparently did. Instead, a casual reader might well be lead to believe that the Iraqis are the most probable perpetrators after reading that part and some other included claims that might make the reader suspect the Iraqis even more. But after all the lies the media and our dear governments have been feeding us, is there really much reason to believe those things? I kinda don’t think there is. Rather I’d say it’s more prudent to suspect the whole thing is a calculated piece of disinformation.

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