The reality is more wicked than the fiction

That much I have learned since I begun studying what the Jewish conspirators have been doing for centuries. But sometimes the fiction approximates, even predicts, the reality to such a degree one starts to wonder. That is definitely the case with the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen (aired on March 4 in 2001) which showed government agents remotely controlling a passenger airplane toward the World Trade Center buildings six months before September 11 while of course trying to lay the blame on some terrorists.

After reading about it I just had to see it myself. As entertainment, it’s not that great but indeed, I was left with the feeling that who ever wrote it had to know about what the government was actually planning and was possibly trying to inform the public covertly because he knew overt warnings would most likely prove fatal to him. It’s just too much of an coincidence to be any other way. Especially with a quote like ‘ depends on who your terrorists really are‘. From my reading of the 9/11 material, it seems very likely there were no hijackers on the planes just like there were no hijackers in the episode. The planes, or whatever hit the towers, were remotely controlled. And guess where the idea of ‘remotely controlled planes‘ leads. Well, it leads me straight to System Planning Corporation which produced remote control systems and which was headed by none other than the Zionist Jew Dov S. Zakheim who was also watching over the DoD when more than a trillion bucks could not be accounted for (now they claim only some $800 billion is still unaccounted for after some tracking…) . One has to wonder how much of that money went into planning the 9/11 attacks. Well, I suspect at least enough that the conspirators do not have to worry about not affording hookers at taxpayer expense for the rest of their lives.

Unless the more decent Americans grow themselves backbones and start incarcerating them and confiscating their assets they’ll be laughing all the way to hell.

Update: I forgot to mention the pilot episode also includes another striking piece of “fiction” as the geek trio also exposes a backdoor in new computer chips. This might be based on reality as well since at least many Intel chips do reportedly have similar vulnerabilities which allow for example the government agents to hack into computers.

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