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Via this hardcore blog (in Finnish) I came to a surprising finding that the former chess genius Bobby Fischer (with a reported IQ of 184) was onto the grand Jewish conspiracy to enslave the rest of us I myself have only recently discovered and was not ashamed of exposing it even though factually he was himself at least part Jewish too on his mother’s side. Little info can also be found on Wikipedia:

In 1961 Fischer “made his first public statements despising Jews.”[107] In 1984 Fischer sent an open letter to Encyclopedia Judaica, in which he vehemently denied being a Jew and denounced Judaism.[108] In recent years, Fischer’s primary means of communicating with the public was via sometimes-outrageous radio interviews. Fischer participated in at least 34 such broadcasts between 1999 and 2006, mostly with radio stations in the Philippines, but also with stations in Hungary, Iceland, Colombia, and Russia.

In 1999, he gave a call-in interview to a radio station in Budapest, Hungary, during which he described himself as the “victim of an international Jewish conspiracy.” Fischer’s sudden re-emergence was apparently triggered when some of his belongings, which had been stored in a Pasadena, California storage unit, were sold by the landlord, who claimed it was in response to nonpayment of rent.[109] Fischer interpreted this as further evidence of a worldwide Jewish conspiracy perpetrated by “the Jew-controlled US Government” to defame and destroy him.[citation needed] In 2005, some of Fischer’s belongings were auctioned on eBay. In 2006, Fischer claimed that his belongings in the storage unit were worth millions.[110][111] Fischer, whose mother was Jewish,[54][112] made occasional hostile comments toward Jews from at least the early 1960s.[54][113] From the 1980s and thereafter, however, his hatred for Jews was a major theme of his public and private remarks.[114] He denied the “Holocaust of the Jews,” announced his desire to make “expos[ing] the Jews for the criminals they are […] the murderers they are” his lifework, and argued that the United States is “a farce controlled by dirty, hook-nosed, circumcised Jew bastards.”[115] In one of his radio interviews, Fischer said that it became clear to him in 1977, after reading The Secret World Government by Count Cherep-Spiridovich, that the Jews were targeting him.[116]

Well, obviously he was a Great Man. That much even the slanted Wikipedia coverage reveals. A pity he’s dead though. Even worse if he really was murdered by the Jews for speaking out as some suspect.

Anyway, it should be pretty clear that the patriots around Western civilization can’t afford to just stand by while Jews and other traitors are murdering and ruining their allies while working to destroy our civilization. Thus, enter “Birdman’s Weekly Letter #494: Final Solution to the Washington Question” in which he outlines the strategy of assassinations to turn the tide in the US if things continue to go to hell. The general idea is in the following:

The bare-bones version of how we take back our freedom with what I have earlier designated ‘meta-violence’ is to engage in targeted assassinations of people selected from the unfortunately-large-set of bad guys that are driving this nation into the ground. Our targets are selected by consulting compilations of information — websites on the Net, for example, which keep tabs on the bad guys and list their offenses against the people. Other things being equal, we prefer to target the bad guys directly, but if a target is hard to hit, we may instead target those who are the target’s assistants, protectors (bodyguards, etc), or family. (While this will surely be objected to by some, the fact remains that the associates of Bad Guys are also, to some degree, also Bad Guys, and assassination of assistants may at least persuade other potential helpmeets to refrain from giving aid and comfort to such people.) The point here is to remove a selection of bad guys from power, either by killing them, or else by scaring the shit out of them so they are convinced to retire and give up their power, or at least to start behaving properly. The purpose is also — and especially — to scare the men who are our POTENTIAL targets so that they will reform their behavior and stop abusing us.

The above is a bare-bones outline of what we will refer to as simply the Shooting Solution.
But there is one important problem which must be overcome if the solution is to be viable. To explain, we do not envision assassinations as being done by some sort of guerrilla army, because organizations like armies are subject to infiltration, and thus liquidation — something which is much easier in the present-day world of ‘Total Information Awareness’ where the government has reduced privacy to a mere shadow of its former self. Instead, we envision assassinations as being performed by individuals or small groups who are not under anyone’s command or control, but instead act alone — spontaneously, as it were, and as the opportunity presents itself. This, we should note, is what Louis Beam proposed in his famous essay on ‘Leaderless Resistance’. The core problem, then, is, How does one get people to undertake soldierhood?

I know I may be prepared to undertake it at some point for I know the traitors are everywhere around Europe just like they are in the US. I just hope I will not be alone. And if I am, take Birdman’s conclusion into consideration:

As a final remark, there is much wisdom in those immortal words of Walt Kelly: ‘We have met the enemy and he is us.’ We can whine all we want about Jews and traitorous politicians and the NWO, but there is only one way we are going to solve those problems — to get off our butts and tackle them. It is a task for us — those who love freedom, who have vowed to live free or die. And it doesn’t even necessarily have to be violent, if we can get serious about educating our people. As I have said before, all it would take is a hundred good men, maybe not even that, to turn this nation around with a few well-placed bullets — indeed, to turn the entire world around. But unless the white race can get its act together — can show itself at least as intelligent, courageous and resourceful
as the Jews or the Arabs — then we and our race and our civilization don’t have the chance of an ice cube in Hell.

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