The lore of clandestine Jewish influence

The Internet truly provides me with a wellspring of information that has helped me to see through some of the lies I’ve been fed most of my life through mainstream media and public education. But honestly, I was not quite prepared to face the full extent of the grave situation the world is facing. Even though, as long as I remember, I have despaired over how ignorant and shortsighted the majority of the people appear to be (and I admit that I may have not always been a paragon of farsightedness and caring myself either as I spent way too much time playing computer games and watching TV as a kid while ignoring more important matters) and I knew there must be at least some people who are not like them and who could (or at least should) have reaped some rewards for their wisdom, I did not quite expect them to be some of the most evil people on Earth who have managed to work undercover for centuries to alter the course of history in preparation for Jewish world domination through one world government.

I still have a lot to learn, but so far I have been able to weave together an overview, albeit a short one and quickly put together, that makes some sense (especially in light of the Protocols) and may help bring home what kind of a powerbase renegades like me are now fighting against.

After the Jews established the Bank of England in 1694 (+other central banks later which allowed them to continuously leech off the production of the gentiles and devote more time to their sinister plotting while buying off the politicians) and had begun solidifying their power base through the British Empire and slave trade to Americas, they orchestrated the French Revolution in all its insanity (starting with the celebrated but totally unreasonable slogan ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity!’) which allowed the Jews to murder many of their gentile opponents including some of the best thinkers of that time (no wonder France is nowadays leading the way downhill in many ways).

Through the British Empire, Jews managed to prepare the stage also in South Africa (diamonds etc. for the Jews) and Asia. Daryl Bradford Smith mentioned that the Rothschilds were behind the Opium Wars in China (in line with the spirit of the Protocols I’d say). They were into getting the Chinese people into a state of oppression they later made even more painful reality by funding Mao’s communist takeover just like they had funded the Bolsheviks in Russia. Needless to say, many millions of people died while the Jewish bankers and their criminal servants profited and gained more influence. Nowadays, they don’t even really need opium to keep the common people distracted and dumb as (Jew produced and promoted) popular culture is often quite enough to do that.

And China is hardly the only part of Asia Jews have managed to control as they had also previously financed Japan over Russia to punish the Czar (and a little later they of course managed to murder the royal line of Russia). Though I have no idea how deep into Japan their influence extends, it is not negligible for sure after that as Jewish finance never comes without some strings attached.

Right here in Turkey, there were plenty of Jews living in places like Istanbul. Many of them may have ‘converted’ to Muslims at some point and started living as crypto-Jews. And what followed was a movement of “Young Turks”, allegedly actually a Jewish movement, that played a role in murdering up to over a million Armenian Christians and which eventually abolished the Islamic caliphate. So neat for the Jews.

In Europe Jews orchestrated the world wars. I have now accepted that even Hitler was indeed most likely part Jewish as his paternal grandmother got pregnant in the House of Rothschild in Vienna (I don’t have to guess anymore about what was the major source of Hitler’s psychopath genes and why he at times seemed to sabotage German war efforts against the advice of his generals). And surprise, Jewish bankers financed the Nazis and also quite directly lead Britain by Jewish Winston Churchill during the war (previously I have also mentioned they also dominated American government through probably Jewish Roosevelt and his many Jewish advisers. In addition the Soviet Union was lead by Stalin — formerly Djugashvili which means a ‘Son of a Jew’). And then Jews went on to originate the Holohoax mythology while there was no actual gas chambers where people were murdered (see books like Dissecting the Holocaust for more details). But even though there were not millions of murdered Jews there were indeed millions of murdered Germans before normality returned to Europe. And for that, Germans have had to pay billions for Jews in ‘compensation’ after the war. Just wicked.

Then little later the Jews had JFK assassinated in the US because he had started acting in a way that threatened Jewish interests; most likely he was not the first US president to die because of that reason.

As I have already written about some later developments like the apparent Jewish plan to destroy the white race using methods like mass third-world immigration and the hoax that is the war on terror initiated by 9/11 (planned by Straussians), I’ll conclude this post by noting that yeah, it’s time to get really serious. At least as serious as the Jews have been for several centuries now.

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