A tale of two realizations

I took a short trip to a tiny Greek island this past week. I didn’t do much worth reporting except watching some greek hotties enjoying the sun at one little bar at the harbor and listening in to some conversations of some British tourists which revealed a bit of how they are falling (the degeneration is proceeding real good indeed and yes many are still getting deeper into debt to fund their hedonism without thinking seriously about the consequences). However, what was really shocking was that I saw that the Greeks are actually still using those strange symbols I used to scribe all over my math tests. You know, alpha, beta, eta, omega, mu, phi, psi and so forth. And that I actually know their alphabet without ever actually realizing they are still using them in writing! Truly shocking indeed! (note: my previous visit to Greece was years ago before I had learned those symbols)

And on my way back I met a Polish traveler on his way to Syria through Turkey whom I invited to my place for some indoctrination. I guess I kind of wanted to find out if it’s true they are well aware of the Jewish problem in Poland. And indeed, my guest was quite receptive when I showed him my favorite 9/11 video ‘911 mysteries‘. He apparently had not seen most of its video material before and had not realized how the towers indeed fell because of controlled demolitions and how obvious that should be for anyone who actually sees the video footage. And I could see his eyes light up when the Jewish owner of the WTC buildings, Larry Silverstein, weaseled in front of the camera.

The wisdom of the Poles showed itself also when he replied with “of course!” to my question of whether he knows the Jews are controlling the media. Sadly, in Finland for example the population is hardly that aware and I have lived most of my life without knowing that one very crucial fact (I of course had heard it being claimed but did not accept it as a fact until very recently after studying the issue myself). Though since the Poles have suffered extensively in order to gain that wisdom through their experience one cannot be that envious of their condition remembering for example how the Jews murdered most of the highly intelligent Poles when they gained power causing permanent damage to the Polish gene pool.

He was also quite receptive when I later showed him the Protocols and mentioned how accurate they seem to be in several ways. Even though he hadn’t read them himself before I just may have instilled in him the desire to do so real soon.

In any case, I myself realized there is indeed some reason to love the Poles: their knowledge of the Jews.

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