The persecution of “anti-semites” continues

Now’s the time to mention one of the shining beacons of sanity that helped me to start understanding the full extent of the Jewish problem last spring: Luke O’Farrell. Via the blogs Age of Treason and Majority Rights, I see his real name is actually Stephen Whittle, and he has recently fled to the US with his collaborator after being convicted for his writings (some of which are truly great and definitely worth reading!) in the UK and is now in Santa Ana Jail while he awaits an asylum hearing.

I can only wish him good luck and hope the system isn’t so totally under Jewish control that he gets a fair hearing and gets out of jail soon without suffering serious harm while being incarcerated. And if he suffers actual harm, I know it is reasonable to suspect the Jews incited actual hatred against him (or at least paid some thugs enough) while publically condemning him for his writings for allegedly doing that without any actual evidence (so far as I know). And in that case, they should pay for their crime dearly.

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