A new wave of false flag terror?

Yes, it seems there are bombs going off almost everywhere. In India, Istanbul and Spain at least. This time however I know to be a lot more suspicious of what the MSM and the establishment are feeding me.

The Turkish government didn’t waste time before blaming the PKK for the attack in Istanbul. Though even the MSM dares to mention other possibilities:

Following a statement made by Istanbul Governor Muammer Guler that suggested a link between Sunday’s bomb attack in Gungoren and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terrorist organization due to similar explosives used by the group in the past, attention has focused on the PKK.

However, the PKK denied involvement and attributed the attacks to “dark forces,” an apparent reference to hard-line Turkish nationalists who are suspected of seeking to foment chaos to strengthen the political influence of the military.

But just how apparent a reference that actually is? Of course I haven’t seen any mentioning of the possibility that the real “dark forces” might actually be NATO’s secret forces (or Mossad) in the MSM and could possibly be responsible for those other attacks as well. They have to keep the ‘global war on terrorism’ alive after all. Their budget depends on it. And of course they need to keep the populations around the world on edge in order to get more support for their draconian measures to “improve security”. They are not satisfied before every single on of us has one of those little RFID chips that allows them to control us anywhere on the planet.

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