The younger the better

Young teenage girls can be quite sexy and very foolish. It is very tempting to try to lure them into sinning. It’s hard to deny that. Anyway, I share the opinion of police chief Grange that if you have sex with them you shouldn’t be automatically considered a paedophile. Also, from an utilitarian perspective, I have to admit that it is very much of a possibility, that for some teenage girls,the sex industry might be the best choice. Yes, forget higher education, some girls are just bred for having sex and pleasing men and quite possibly it is their most notable talent and they should have the choice of judging if that’s the case themselves even when they are just young possibly foolish teenagers. Yes, they might very well be too immature to make the best possible choice for themselves, but then again, if that is the case, they just as well might make errors both ways, e.g., like trying to do what their parents tell them to do and continue their education in ordinary schools even though that is not really in their best interests. And based on my own experience,truly foolish girls rarely grow up to be smart and responsible womenlater in any case,whichmeansthatthecurrentpolicyonlydelaystheinevitable, whilepunishingthosewhowould
do better if they had more choices.

On the other hand, if young girls have children without being able to support them, the current situation is a bad one since the system forces people, who shouldn’t be responsible for anything those girls have done, to pay the costs of raising their children. In my opinion, the right way to fix this would be to make them really responsible and not giving them any handouts so they would either learn to use contraception or else be punished somehow if they won’t be able to take care of their children; of course some responsibility should fall on men who impregnate them. After all, in a decent society, having children without being able to support them should be a serious offence. Though I would think even those kinds of teenage girls I have written about here might be able to support them if they would be allowed to do what they do best: please men for money.

Alright, enough writing for today, though I’m already planning a future scenario where science is brought to help in breeding better sex kittens. I’m sure the proper use of scientific method would be able to improve on what whores and many men have produced over generations (note: I’ve been watching way too much porn lately).

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