Taxi to the land of torture

Yeah, I took a visual ride, and watched Alex Gibney’s documentary Taxi to the Dark Side, which details how Americans have tortured the terrorist suspects in Afganistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay. Add to this my current understanding that the top officials probably knew all along that the ‘War on Terror’ was phony from the very beginning while promoting a hard line when it came to treating the suspects and what you get is the realization that George W. Bush is indeed a psychopath. What little doubt I had of that before watching the film pretty much vanished as I saw footage of him demonizing those prisoners while he knew that 9/11 was a Zionist Job and was personally complicit in the crime.

Americans themselves are fueling real terror as they are paying blood money for men without conscience for delivering ‘terrorists’ to them. In order to get them tortured to the point they get some ‘confessions’ that help them fool the public. Just brilliant. In a very evil sort of way.

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