The struggle goes on

Knowledge of what is happening is changing me. No longer I am a complete fool. I’m beginning to understand why we really could be facing, if not the end of the world exactly, then at least the end of the world with hope for the triumph of goodness. The total takeover of the world by psychopaths. Jewish psychopaths. Alex Jones calls this the End Game. Christians call it the apocalypse. It’s not that far from that as even Harold Wallace Rosenthal admitted that the religious Jews actually worship Satan. It’s their little secret (and possibly they are not even Jews from Israel, but Khazars, though I haven’t had the time to study this myself.. still I think it would be foolish to trust what mainstream people say about this topic).

After realizing how they have deceived the world into believing in the great Holohoax, while almost nobody knows about the diabolical Jewish crimes like 9/11 or the massacres they have orchestrated, I can almost believe that. I certainly take the possibility that the psychopathic Jewish money masters and their servants are engaging in the most sadistic blood rituals imaginable behind closed doors very seriously. It would definitely be in their nature to do something like that. Maybe that’s one of those reasons why they so happily accept illegal immigration as people like them provide the Jews with a constant supply of new flesh that almost no one will miss for their rituals.

I’m still thinking about ways to stop them. Obviously, it is not easy to get justice served using the courts or political means as the Jews have all the money in the world and the mass media in their control. Not to mention the brainwashed masses doing their bidding. Actually I’d think it’s pretty close to impossible to get justice that way. I’d think even mass assassinations of the Jewish elites would be more realistic. A possible long shot would be the creation of superhuman AI that could put the power back into the hands of white geniuses. And a total disaster would probably follow if the Jews were able to get it done for themselves. Still, it would be a fine day to see Jewish supremacists realize that the whites outsmarted them after all just before they’d get their lives extinguished.

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