Aaron Russo remembered

Whatever bad things I may have said about Alex Jones, he has at least done one interesting interview with Aaron Russo (who passed away last year). It’s available for example on the site ‘Freedom To Fascism’. Russo recounts an intriguing tale of having been informed of an event like 9/11 and the infamous war on terror 11 months before it happened by his former friend Nick Rockefeller. And he makes it pretty clear that our dear Rockefeller is indeed a psychopath (though neither he nor Jones mentions that word). I’m definitely willing to believe Russo after spending significant time studying related issues and seeing how pathological the whole banking cartel has been.

Russo definitely seems like a man who had conscience and was genuinely amazed to learn how banal the ultimate goal of those evil conspirators actually is. All the suffering that’s going on happens just because they want to gain the ultimate control over us. They want to gain the power to destroy the life of any person anywhere on the planet by simply pushing a button so to speak at the time of their choosing. They are the ultimate control freaks. The war on terror is just one step that leads into this direction. If I hadn’t spent a lot of quality time with psychopaths, I too would be amazed, but my experience has taught me they really can be that sick no matter how well they usually wear the mask of sanity.

I’m also reminded of Ayn Rand’s books including Atlas Shrugged. Whatever flaws Rand may have had, she did understand how the pathological minds work quite well, which should be clear for those who have read the books and also studied psychopaths. I guess she must have observed quite a few of them first hand before she escaped Russia after the Bolshevik takeover. Even though Rand never used the word (if I remember correctly), all the major villains who gain power and then ponerize the whole American society in Atlas Shrugged are more or less typical psychopaths or characteropaths and I dare say more accurately portrayed than in many other fictional books. And they are just as banal as Nick Rockefeller and Co. apparently are.

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