An allegorical consideration of the story ‘My Pet Goat’ read on 9/11

As FDR has said: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned that way”.

This leads me back to 9/11 at the moment W was informed of the first plane having hit the World Trade Center. Rather than canceling the session with some kids he begun reading the story of a pet goat that eats everything in its path with them. This is quite commonly cited as evidence of poor judgment on the part of W, but after I finally took the time to study 9/11 and learned that the Zionists had actually orchestrated the attacks (probably with the knowledge of the President), it immediately struck me when I read about the gist of the story, that it was most likely meant as conveying a hidden message to everyone with some intelligence. It was (probably) meant as a vicious threat that the pet goat of those Zionists (which is actually nothing less than the US of America as those Talmudic Jews consider non-Jews as animals) will destroy everything that stands in the path of Jewish supremacists. Afganistan and Iraq first (the chaos there is just what the Zionists want and not due to strategic mistakes as they just want the goyim to suffer). Iran maybe next. Who knows what after that.

I can’t be the first one who has written about this hidden message, now can I? Or are other intelligent people actually afraid of those Jews? Should I be afraid of them? Or should I try to show them the world of pain for their murderous deceit? Avenge the Romanovs too and kill the Rothschilds?

Before last week I had thought that it’s not really my job to get to the truth of the matter, but since the majority of Americans aren’t exactly in the reality-based-community (which of course explains why they still haven’t done anything to stop those heinous Zionists and continue to be fooled by Jewsmedia), I have come to the conclusion that the minority that is in it could probably use a little help from overseas. I did not want to enter into a war against psychopathic Zionists, but it seems they have forced my hand. I’ll let what little of my warrior spirit exists surface. I’ll let it do what needs to be done. I’ll let it murder if that’s what it takes. For I know those Zionists behind 9/11 deserve to die. Every single fucking one of them deserves to die.

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