Thoughts on central banking, the EU and 9/11

Lew Rockwell has written another educative piece on the role of the Fed, and central banks in general, as the tool that has enabled the psychopaths to set the world on fire several times:

The US central bank, called the Federal Reserve, was created in 1913. No one promoted this institution with the slogan that it would make wars more likely and guarantee that nearly half a million Americans will die in battle in foreign lands, along with millions of foreign soldiers and civilians.

No one pointed out that this institution would permit Americans to fund, without taxes, the destruction of cities abroad and overthrow governments at will. No one said that the central bank would make it possible for the United States to be at large-scale war in one of every four years for a full century. It was never pointed out that this institution would make it possible for the US government to establish a global empire that would make imperial Rome and Britain look benign by comparison.

Not to mention it was never pointer out that it would give the Jews the power to call the shots. Though quite naturally Lew does not dare to make that connection explicit. But the fact that Jews have the power to issue money may be the very worst part of having central banks as they have used that power to do the most abominable things very few others would have done.

I say this after finally taking the time to study some 9/11 conspiracy theories. Before this I had avoided the issue for years because I thought I couldn’t do much even if I knew the truth and I had other priorities. But now, Eric Hufschmid and this one Finnish Military Expert, have convinced me that it most likely was a false flag operation after all. Osama didn’t plan it, the Zionists planned it. The mind boggles at their audacity, but after learning how they already lead the world into two world wars I’m willing to accept the almost unimaginable extent of their monstrosity. I doubt I would have been able to come to that conclusion if I hadn’t studied what the Jews have done before and after 9/11. But now it has become painfully clear how extensively they lied in order to get the public support for the Iraq war (WMD propaganda etc.). Thus it wasn’t such a big step to understand they have probably lied all the way from the very beginning and orchestrated the 9/11 attacks themselves.

And I have to say I feel some awe for their feat of managing to do it. One should never forget that they really do have some of the best (and most wicked) strategists on their side. I can even imagine them having planned that W reads that childrens’ story of a pet goat that eats everything in its path at the time of the attacks deliberately as an allegory of the Zionist dedication to destroy everything that stands in the way of the supremacy of the Jews. Very Straussian I would think.

On a somewhat unrelated note (even though the Jewish bankers are behind the Lisbon treaty too I suppose), I was surely glad to learn the Irish people voted ‘No’ for the treaty. That was not so surprising to me as when I was in the Dirty Old Town some years ago I already noted how the ordinary people were getting fed up with the EU and immigrants even though there were EU-funded-signs along the roads everywhere since Ireland had been receiving lots of money from the EU.

Still, it remains to be seen how the elites respond. It will probably tell a lot about how evil and dedicated they are in their mission to destroy the European civilization. So far things don’t look so good for people like me as this post (and others) on the blog ‘EU Referendum’ suggests they will go ahead anyway.
I myself am trying to prepare for the worst in the meantime.

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