The Steyn ‘conundrum’

It seems the blogosphere has been all over the story of Mark Steyn facing the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, but I think Igor Alexander has made one important observation most others are neglecting:

What’s fascinating about this case is that Canadian Humans Rights Tribunals have for years been trying to deny people such as historical revisionists and white nationalists the right to express their views, and everyone has looked the other way. But now that the Canadian Human Rights Commission is trying to silence a Jew (*) who has been engaging in hate speech against Muslims, there’s a massive outcry about it! Funny how the media Jews didn’t seem to care about free speech until it suddenly occured to them that these hate speech laws could be turned around and used to silence them in their continued efforts to demonize Muslims, Arabs, and Palestinians in order to drum up support for the Third World War they and their neo-conservative stooges are trying to start in the Middle East. If these media Jews are so concerned about our civil liberties, then where was all the handwringing about loss of free speech when Indian Chief David Ahenakew was being fined and humiliated by a Canadian court for making anti-Semitic remarks?

Again, it seems the Jews like to portray other Jews as victims and use their media domination to promote writers that stay in line. I haven’t read that much of what Steyn has written, but so far it seems he hasn’t condemned the Jewish role in bringing on the current situation to any significant extent. Thus even if some Jews think he should have waited longer before trying to get the public to understand even just a small part of what’s going on and what is likely to happen in the future, he has still stayed in the line to an acceptable extent. I guess that’s hardly surprising considering his own Jewish roots. He may actually be a quite typical ‘gatekeeper’ who controls what the public should know and how they should go on thinking about issues related to Muslim immigration. But then again, it’s possible I’m being a bit paranoid.

Also, I might note that although I have found that Robert Spencer (of Jihadwatch) is a very smart and erudite man, I have to say the first thing that would come into my mind after seeing him on the street would be that he is a Jew and not a Catholic. I hate to say it but I have become suspicious that he is actually one of those crypto-Jews who have inflitrated the Catholic church in order to promote Jewish interests (at least few popes have been Jews in the past too I think). That includes diverting Western attention against the Muslims and allowing the Jews to control the Western world behind the scenes to their own benefit.

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