Now who’s paranoid?

There’s no question about whether I’ve been getting somewhat paranoid after spending most of my spare time studying the ‘Jewish Question‘ in these past months. I sure have. But there’s still the question whether I’ve become paranoid enough. The opposition has after all some of the best strategists in the world and enormous resources at its disposal. It pays to remember that for example (half-)Jew Garry Kasparov did not become the world chess champion by thinking about strategy at anywhere near the level of the average player. He almost always had planned his moves at least one step further than his opponent. And it is of course not a mere coincidence that he is Jewish. Just like my apparent enemies: the international Jews.

Thus it makes sense that when most others think you are sane you aren’t paranoid enough. Thus my struggle to go beyond what most others think is likely.

I have previously mentioned that I suspect Jews are deliberately trying to collectively punish all Europeans using blacks and muslims (etc.) as their tools after first opening the floodgates into the Western world (of course they may have many other objectives like creating a low-IQ mixed race to serve them without having an intellectual capacity to challenge them). To achieve this they have used their media domination and their international network in all the countries to get their establishments to do their bidding: keeping the gates open and welfare benefits plentiful for third-worlders so that the population replacement proceeds fast enough ( there is no other force on Earth but Jews who could have accomplished this I think). And when the time is ripe, when enough barbaric third-worlders are inside the Western world, they start inciting hatred themselves, which they hope will result in rivers of (gentile) blood flowing abundantly all across Europe (and the US and Australia). The first two world wars just weren’t enough for them. They seem to be psychopaths who enjoy harming and dominating others after all.

I don’t think it would be wise to be fooled by the fact that currently they are mostly trying to suppress hatred (at least on the part of white Europeans.. not so much trying to suppress Muslim or black hatred that is directed against whites) overtly by trying to criminalize hate speech (to name one example) because they first want the situation to get bad enough so that there simply is no way to avoid massive bloodshed when they change the tone themselves. That time may come quite soon.

Now, I have only spent relatively little time reading some material on quite interesting fringe sites like and Eric Hufschmid’s page, but I found it noteworthy that others have also realized that people like Alex Jones (with his videos like the EndGame) are probably deliberately trying to shift the blame away from Jews and discrediting the conspiracy theorists with some blatantly crazy stuff mixed into soup with some more sensible things while ignoring the most obvious thing: the crucial part played by Jews. Maybe because even Alex Jones himself is a crypto-Jew (he does have a Jewish wife apparently).

Also, though I haven’t had the time to study the evidence for the claim that 9/11 was just another false-flag operation, I found it interesting to read they might have used Saudis as the terrorists just to send a message that they have the ‘justification’ to attack S-Arabia too if the Saudis won’t play along (I guess they did). That kind of thing is just what you should expect from Jews. They are wickedly clever at times.

Additionally, I finally had the time to read Kevin MacDonald’s analysis of neoconservatism as a Jewish movement (Understanding Jewish Influence III). I do think that it is likely that Bush and Cheney are mere puppets for the Jews who are pulling the strings behind the scenes like they have done for a century now it seems if not longer. The Jews do seem to like to use gentile psychopaths as their front men as they obviously won’t have any moral qualms about working against the interests of their own people as long as they benefit themselves (and if those stories about W torturing frogs as a child with his friends are true he is likely a psychopath especially considering his public actions…).

MacDonald himself notes that anti-Jewish sentiments have typically arisen to the surface as Jews have tightened their grip on the country as has now happened in the US. It will indeed be interesting to see how the events will unfold this time. Previously of course the Jewish elite seems to have escaped while others have suffered. I’d say it would be better to go after them this time as the only way to avoid repeating this madness again and again is to eliminate its source.

Anyway, I’ll try to get my thoughts more organized and continue writing some time. Until then.. watch the Jews on your own!

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