Let them die

I’ve recently followed this debate on whether extremely premature babies should be allowed to die (see for example this). I’d say they should only be treated if their parents would pay all the costs and doctors agreed to help them. Life can be cruel and wasting so much resources on those who will most likely die or suffer anyway will easily make it even more cruel. Whether you like it or not, even if with expensive care some of them would live, they would likely propagate suffering since their children, if they would ever have them, would probably be more likely to suffer similar fate. Better stop the unfortunate chain of events right now before the situation turns even worse – that is the right thing to do. Similarly, I support euthanising severely disabled babies unless someone can provide them a decent chance of decent life without forcing others to pay the costs unwillingly. This does not happen currently so I cannot support current practices.

Though it is of course possible that future medical innovations would solve the problem of “fixing” their offspring, that possibility in itself doesn’t justify forcing a “pro-life” perspective on everyone in general and unwilling taxpayers in particular.

If we really want to make the world better for ourselves and our descendants, we’d better support lives that are worth celebrating instead of supporting lives that are full of misery.

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