Another Jew revealed

Oh boy, the boy band mogul Lou Pearlman is sentenced to 25 years in prison for swindling some $300 million from investors (he had been running a Ponzi scheme for over 20 years). Needless to say, neither the Reuters article or the Wikipedia page on the guy identify him as a Jew, but at least the Wikipedia mentions his first cousin who is descended from Romanian Jews. Obviously his name ‘Pearlman’ sounds Jewish too.

And as should be clear to anyone who has been reading my recent writings, there seems to be a pattern in which his race plays a significant part. Thus it should not be ignored as Jews are the masters of swindling. They may well have the tendency for it in their genes (if not then in their religion and culture at least). I might also note that although the Wikipedia page on him currently states that he has been running one of the biggest and longest running Ponzi schemes in the US history, it surely is almost nothing compared to what I suspect the Jewish money masters have been doing with the Federal Reserve. So far they just have been too big fishes to be caught by any laws or forces of Justice.

And when it comes to sentencing, I fully think that the death penalty would be the proper choice for anyone who swindles more than few million bucks. In a more just world, Mr. Pearlman would be facing the executioner right about now.

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