A sequence of lies

(Also known as history as taught to poor citizens like me in public schools)

Anyway, I have had a few more thoughts brewing in my head as I’ve been reading the book ‘Rothschild Money Trust‘ along with some things online. One of these relates to the importance of the Ukrainian famine (also known as ‘Holodomor’ that happened between 1932-1933) that killed something like 7 million ukrainians and was orchestrated by the Soviet government. Mr. Armstrong notes that it was known even at that time that the Soviets had already murdered up to around 20 million people by the time they invaded Poland at the same time Nazis made their assault. However, as everyone should know, Great Britain only declared war on Germany. It makes sense to ask why. And surprisingly (or not!), it seems the reason for that is that the Nazis threatened Jews in Europe, while other Jews were a solid part of a hostile elite (against peasants etc.) that ruled the USSR. So it mattered little to the powers that be that Jews acting as Stalin’s willing executioners had been principally responsible for the deaths of those ukrainians since they were themselves only protecting mainly Jewish interests which still benefited from the Soviet Union.

It should be almost needless to say, but the very fact that so little attention is paid to the horror that happened in Ukraine compared to all the attention that is given to what may (or may not) have happened to the Jews in Europe during the Nazi era reveals how insane the priorities of the peoples of Western societies have been. Even if the gas chambers are not mere fabrications to fool the sheep and induce the gullible with guilt, what happened in Ukraine was at least about as horrible than what supposedly happened to the Jews. That should be obvious to anyone who reads stories about ukrainian parents eating their own children in order to survive a few days longer while the Jews sold the extra Soviet food supplies to foreign countries and kept them in line at collectivized farms to bring forth their Marxist utopia of a sight of Christian corpses.

Also, to me it was news that even F. D. Roosevelt was actually ethnically Jewish (along with his wife who was his cousin too). This also makes sense considering his support for the ‘Jew Deals’ of the 30’s and why he also vehemently backed Britain and allied the US with the Soviets knowing their crimes. No wonder that his ‘kitchen cabinet’ was also made of Jews like Baruch and Morgenthau. And his strategy of not informing the Rear Admiral Kimmer, after learning about the forthcoming Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor, is also almost characteristically Jewish in its shrewdness, as he just wanted to get the US into the WW2 and realized (along with his cabinet I presume) that devastation like that would get him public support. It didn’t matter to him it cost American lives. They were overwhelmingly gentiles after all. Not part of his race. Not ‘Chosen ones’ for sure. They were just disposable puppets to be used to further the plans of the Jews.

And when it comes to Ukraine, their people are still under major exploitation, which is not the case with Jews as everyone who has studied the subject of white slavery should know. The poverty and suffering the Jews were causing along with the Soviet regime has made hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian girls easy pickings for human traffickers and lead to their exploitation in the sex industry. Again, do we ever hear about rich Jews trying to ease their suffering by setting up trust funds or something? I have to say I haven’t heard about such things, but I sure have heard that they are playing a major part in getting those women into the sex industry to further fatten their own pockets.

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