Wise as a MEP

The Devil’s Kitchen has a nice post which sort of reveals why politicians really love the EU as illustrated by Tom Wise and this story exposing his spending practices and how the members of the European Parliament can make their living quite lucrative:

Wise, and the other Brit contingent of the 785 MEPs, pocket a handsome �61,820 salary. But a shock News of the World investigation has revealed FOUR loopholes many use to boost that FIVE-FOLD to an incredible �307,588.

First there’s the extra �226 A DAY allowance just for showing up!

Then there’s the �39,012 HANDOUT for office expenses, no questions asked, no receipts needed.

Big earner is the �162,856 BUNG to hire staff—which many hand straight to relatives.

And there’s the up to �10,000 PROFIT in flying with budget airlines then claiming the full allowed payment for top-price tickets.

Greedy Wise, 60 on Tuesday, is an expert at the low-cost airline racket and the daily allowance scam. It has cost the taxpayer up to ONE MILLION POUNDS to keep him in the lap of luxury since he won his seat in 2004.

And all that doesn’t even include all the bribes they may be taking from Arabian oil sheiks and Jewish money masters who are busy turning Europe into a totalitarian Eurabia (and other bribes from various others sources). No wonder they can afford their frivolous lifestyles (hookers or sex slaves too depending on their tastes) and totally ignore all the misery they cause to others.

Though at least on his home page Mr. Wise does claim that unlike the other MEPs he’s been deliberately open about how he has been able to milk the system. This might well be true.

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