At the feet of giants

As I love to use low-cost airlines, I once again flew to Turkey via Germany. This time I spent some time in Frankfurt am Main. And since I had a working camera with me unlike the last time when I had forgotten the necessary cable back home, I even took some photos and put a few of them online here (just two photos now.. more to follow some time soon).

Now, Frankfurt is the financial center of Germany. It is also the place where the Rothschild empire started to grow. Nowadays it has some of the tallest buildings of Germany as well like the Commerzbank tower. And it has a more prominent red light district than what I was able to find in Munich. No doubt related to the fact that many wealthy business travelers are frequenting the place. One older woman even tried to drag me into some seedy looking club but as I have learned that Jews are very prominent as the owners of those types of places (as producers of porn too since they like to show defiled white women to the world which I guess is the reason why porn is often so vile!), I decided it’s more prudent not to spend any money there (also I have to say that the women on the street weren’t that attractive as they were mostly older or overweight.. though I guess it is a safe bet to say that younger and prettier meat would have been available inside those places).

I tried my best to spot any Jewish money masters while walking around the city center, but since I don’t yet have eyes connected to a digital database of them and a software to automatically recognize my enemies, I’m not sure I saw any. But I’m sure I saw some of their servants at least.
Anyway, instead of paying for a sleeping place, I spent a night reading George Armstrong’s book ‘Rothschild Money Trust’ (written in 1940) in one hostel cafeteria at the city center, before leaving the place in the morning. Again, I’m still reading it (along with several other books on topics like the origins of Freemasonry and the Bush family), but it seems to be quite decent. Mr. Armstrong was not the type of a guy who fell for Jewish lies it seems. It contains many of the usual claims such that the Rothschilds (along with other Jewish money masters) have been responsible for many, if not all, wars that ravaged Europe after about the year 1800 and that the Protocols’ aren’t really forgeries at all unlike the Jew dominated popular media and those supposedly unbiased (right!) government mandated experts have long claimed.

It also explains how Jews have long been using their wealth to control the media (just like the protocols dictate they should do) even when they don’t own the controlling stock of the companies (or running them themselves) by systematically withdrawing advertisements from those newspapers (etc.) that aren’t sufficiently in the line and promoting Jewish interests. It pays to note that for example in Germany in the year 1900, the one percent of the population that was Jewish, owned something like 20 percent of the economy (as I remember was claimed in ‘The Culture of Critique’) and the situation is I guess even worse in the modern US. Thus it is not so surprising that Jews have managed to create a situation in which only the media companies that are in effect slaves to Jewish interests have survived until this day. And everyone who doesn’t recognize this is hopelessly clueless. Though speaking from a personal experience it is possible to wake up to the reality. It will be a rude awakening however when you realize that much of what you have believed has been lies.

I for example remember reading how the Nazis would have been so much better off if they had not displaced the Jewish academics from the establishment. I even remember that some historians think they could have helped the Nazis win the war. At that time I at first thought that may have been true. Still, I have come to realize that speculation like that from the establishment historians is little more than propaganda. You know, after the war and all its horrors and destruction, West Germany’s rise without the Jews was quite phenomenal and hard to dispute. I’d say it is evidence for the claim that the Jews weren’t really that beneficial in Germany on the whole. Even though there must have been some productive Jewish thinkers and scientists there was also all the craziness that originated at the Jewish Frankfurt school to name one example. Thus I’d say it is possible that on the whole the Jews may have well been more parasitic that productive.

(Hopefully, I’ll resume more frequent posting as I’m done traveling for now)

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